Siri Hustvedt interview Observer 25 May 2008.

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Earlier this year, Hustvedt wrote a piece for the headache blog - yes, really! - of the New York Times in which she described how she has learnt to embrace her migraine, rather than to push it away. She will no longer fight it, which is neither a very American approach to illness nor a very modern one. Is this because her migraine is connected to her creativity? She is not sure. ‘I’ve come to understand that migraine is a part of the personality. I have migraine troughs. These often follow high productivity. I have a hypo-manic phase, then I’ll crash.

From last weeks interview with Siri Hustvedt in the Observer.

Why the silly yes, really!? There is nothing remotely strange about an author writing about subject like this. I haven’t read “What I Loved” (it’s in the incoming stack), but Orwell was writing on everything from the rudeness of shopkeepers to mudlarks (beggars waiting under a bridge), so why can’t Hustvedt write about headaches?