Words used in English that I have to look up: Satrap

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First in a series where I simply post words I have to look up. I was going to write “English words”; but looking at this first word I think the headline covers it better - “Words used in English”. So first up is


a Persian title that literally means “protector of power”; satraps were essentially administrative governors, ruling a satrapy; some of Alexander the Great’s generals became satraps after Alexander’s death and the dissolution of Alexander’s empire.

as seen in a Sunday Times piece on politician Frank Field

Field’s bête noire is Gordon Brown. He blames the then chancellor and now prime minister for kneecapping his welfare reforms. Blair, having asked Field “to think the unthinkable”, failed to back him against opposition from Blair’s jealous satrap. Blair at that stage, Field says, should have sacked Brown, not just for Field’s sake but to give Blair the opportunity and space to be an uninhibited PM.