Fouad Al-Zaya aka “Fat Man” got lucky in court.

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Mr Zayat lives mainly in Cyprus, but has been one of the most spectacular of the international high rollers known as “whales” over years of gambling in London casinos. The total of his bets and losses is not known but in 2002, when the Ritz also sued over a bounced cheque, he was said to have visited that club 156 times in three years, losing a total of £10m. His patronage of Aspinalls was even more spectacular: in more than 600 visits, he bought £91m worth of gaming chips and lost more than £23m of them.

And in an earlier piece on Zayat

So what did the Fat Man want from an Ohio Congressman? Zayat runs an aerospace firm called FN Aviation, which operates out of London and Nicosia, and wanted to sell US planes and spare parts to Iran. But in the US there is a strict trade embargo on a country that is part of George Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil’.

Old news this (October 2007), but is must be processed. No news on the appeal as far as I can see.