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  • Robert Peston on a free (as in price £zero ) Independent. #
  • Does Marina (Marina and the Diamonds) sound a bit like Lene Lovich? #
  • Would rather spend an hour on Twitter and YouTube than watching Top Gear. #
  • has cut down broadhsheet consumption from two a day to two a week. Guardian on Saturdays and Sunday Times, but what if the Indie goes free? #

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  • Hayward Gallery at Night. #
  • Will not be missing Jonathon Ross's assembly line chatty-shitty-smutty shows. Will miss his specialist shows as ie Japanese films:Ping-Pong! #
  • OK next time I WILL PREBOOK. Last late night for Ed Ruscha at the Hayward at the South Bank. Outside in the windy cold for some cool art. #
  • - Lomographic phallics. A bollard. Lomography. #
  • - Lomographic phallic series. Centrepoint. Lomography. #
  • Zaha Hadid! Snøhetta! Ron Arad! Norman Foster! Thomas Heatherwick! Starck! Dieter Rams!
    Can you hear me!?!
    Redesign Clapham Junction NOW! #
  • So tempting to mash-up Fever Ray with Cardigans. Maybe later. #
  • Anyone got some fitting Finland female to fit (a Suomi siren to sit!) on that @spotify playlist please? @HafdisHuld - you are in there #
  • My 50 min of Nordic females Spotify playlist: jazz,pop,avant,acoustic,disco. From Ane Brun to Bertine Zetlitz. #

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  • The King at 19. Spotify: Elvis Presley – That's All Right Mama (Hayride 1954) #
  • On bus 38 thinking large chunks of Central London has become very tatty.
    Piccadilly Circus and Centerpoint end of Oxford St is depressive. #
  • So long, long tail. . Guardian:
    "The top 10% of artists are now responsible for 90% of all music sales." #
  • Spotify Resources on Pansentient League: 4 new resources for 2010! /via @afront

    Including URL-shortener. #

  • BLIZZARD: "Snow with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of 1/4 mile or less, for an extended period of time (eg. > 3 hours)." #
  • - Closing schools and having a pint, what Brits do when there's a bit of snow #
  • Add the food chain EAT to the "H&M" outrage list: "emptying yoghurt over salads and sandwiches to make them inedible". #
  • Bursting Out, to go with Live&Dangerous Spotify: Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath (Live) #
  • Spotify:Jethro Tull–Skating Away #nowplaying #
  • This to see speed skating in the UK over 160 years ago. Nice little read that wiki page on skating away on the thin ice of a new day. #
  • winter of 1854/55 was exceptionally cold … number of persons present was stated at from five to eight thousand, and some said ten thousand #
  • I take some of that back: fen skating on the Beeb Snow24 just now with wonderful winter nostalgia. #
  • In Britain a "blizzard" is a breeze with some snow, back home in Norway it's a storm with tons of snow. Pathetic. #

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  • Spotify: Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue - HD Re-Mastered 2010
    #nowplaying #
  • BBC News 24 has gone BBC Snow 24 #uksnow #
  • Looks like it's twitter swearing tour today?
    First @crystalbennes and then @gilescoren tweeting totally Tourette's #
  • #LDNtravel The Gatwick Express almost empty as Gatwick is closed (?); so if you just need to get to Croydon jump on board. Travelcard valid. #
  • #LDNtravel
    Nationailrail website seems to lie? All trains from Victoria delayed. Taking Gatwick Express as the 18:45 stops at East Croydon. #
  • "Anyone who supports ID cards should be banned from having curtains".
    Mark Thomas - The Manifesto. #
  • #LDNtravel
    On Commuter train from East Croydon to Victoria.
    It's just half-full. 80 minutes late or so. #
  • WordPress 2.9.1 upgrade night. Seven sites updated.
    Hopefully Twitter Tools will survive the upgrade: on my tumblelog #

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  • Spotify on iPhone is working OK, but there are usability issues (proper blog post might come).
    WiFi on iPod Touch inferior?->USB sync please #
  • - Spotify + iPod Touch = #fail again #
  • - Format126 Test. Croydon towers. #
  • "Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded" BBC #

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  • - Spotify offline frustrations on iPod Touch. #
  • Just discovered Another place for hi-minded time wasting. #
  • Quite impressed by playlist generator @spotibot for @spotify. #
  • Spotify: B.E.F with Billy MacKenzie:The Secret Life Of Arabia
    Associates is on Spotify. #
  • Still frustrated by Spotify offline mode and its implementation.
    I want to sync only THIS playlist NOW please.
    Sharpen up you Swedes! #

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  • iTunes needs a "sort by price" column for apps.
    So I can delete all the free crap I've installed in one go. #
  • Spotify: King Midas Sound – Ting Dub #
  • Spotify offline mode nothing but #fail.Get "Offline access for this computer/device has been withdrawn" now. See thread #
  • Spotify offline syncing to iPod Touch #fail.Battery 95% full, but tells me connect to computer to save battery? If so why not sync via USB? #

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  • Downloading "A Decade in the Dark", Soundslike 1981's aka Musicophilia's end of decade mix. #
  • Solstice.
    Beer, Løiten Linie Aquavit from the old country (and some Danish akevitt as well), Duval Leroy champers and now a glass of port. #
  • Outside my prize range I guess, but like the Rothko effect.
    RT @tweetmeme Comme des Garcons Black Holiday Collection. #
  • - Julian Opie mosaic at Penfold Street. Public art. #

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  • All grey, grey, grey
    in London today. #

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  • #LDNtravel
    Just spoke with better half. Three hours getting from Bromley to Shirley by car. BORIS! Where are you and your GRITTERS hiding? #
  • London Victoria - East Croydon 30 minutes if you can get on board a train.
    Just made it.
    #LDNtravel #
  • Big delays at London Victoria as well, have managed to squeeze on a train after a bit of shouting to get people to move down the corridor. #

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  • Well done Southern, TfL and Boris.
    My advance snow warnings must have worked winter wonders. #
  • Snow! So Bollox to style. Gone all Norwegian and Croydon (Ray Mears) native. I'll be the one in Gore-tex jacket ,Gore-Tex boots and mittens. #
  • Watching weather on BBC News. Doubt that Boris, Southern and TfL will get me to work tomorrow, but will try. #
  • Putting Windows 7 on newly repaired laptop. Windows Experience Index is 4.1 on the lowest. #
  • "noticeable lack of snow" @ianvisits said some hours ago, but not now? Hoping that public transport IS noticeable tomorrow. Boris, step up! #

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  • Spotify: Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen – Sart #
  • Jonathan Ross now only worth 500 BBC journalists. #
  • Winter lights III.
    Tatsuo Miyajima at Lisson as seen on @JANUSZCZAK. #
  • Winter night lights I and II.
    Croydon around midnight last night. #
  • Probably my last gig of the year as The Gallows seems to have cancelled. Lovvers still playing, so _might_ go to Vice mag x-mas gig. #
  • Going to The Vortex in London?
    Book and go four together to get a nice table upfront. Tables seemed to sit four and you avoid standing. #
  • Though watching Seb play drums with chopsticks was worth the entrance at The Vortex tonight. Seb not in this pic. #
  • Jazz is as ritualistic as rock music. the candlelights, the red wine, the knowing clapping, the drum and bass solos. #

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  • Sheppard / Benita / Rochford later at the Vortex (first time at the Vortex) #
    I picked up a copy at White Cube,
    after walking there in the snow. #
  • - Another face pattern à la Rosalind Nashashibi #
  • - Lomography: Arch at Piccadilly #
  • As for me, I've never seen an episode of Eastenders, or an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Heroic! /via @JANUSZCZAK
    Hah! Easy. #
  • The ONE (pint) never is just the one is it?
    Ten or so gorgeous French girls drinking halfs just behind us at Shaston Arms, half our age… #

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  • Couple of midweek pints with another ex-QXL guy. The often used route of White Horse and Shashton Arms. #
  • - Celebrity Twitter directory anyone? Spotted at WH Smith #
  • Bad day:spilled milk all over breakfast, then jammed at Victoria line, having to go back to Pimlico just to get on Now in Post Office queue. #
  • Boris Johnson! TfL! Bus, train, tube and tram drivers!
    Listen up!
    There might be snow on Friday.
    This is NOT an excuse to close down London. #
  • - Is this where rock band Let's Wrestle got their name? #
  • Some Simon godfather-svengali-type is running a show called The X-farter?
    Progress or regress, let's hope the next ten are better. #

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  • How to get mono on iPhone/iPod Touch: Settings/General/Accessibility.
    Useful when you have one external speaker. #
  • There is nothing wrong with using found objects in art.
    Didn't watch whole series, so no idea who was annoying or not. #schoolofsaatchi #
  • "Fuckin' hell reaction to winning #schoolofsaatchi" @ArtCasual

    Just got last episode, but the tree-on-metalfence was fresh. Right winner. #

  • Never liked Coldplay,but I do like them selling off old kit for Kids Company,bless #
  • - Segway observed at Picadilly, watch out! #
  • The Burlington Arcade really is full of opulent ridiculousness. #
  • Ding takes the ming? enough of #snooker for tonight, off to check those new train times. #
  • Ding pots the red #snooker and that's it. Ding the winner. #
  • Higgins hiding the red again #snooker. #
  • Higgins fighting now, one red left #snooker. Ding 75-31 #
  • Ding looking good, potting black then red in #snooker. 33-27 Ding. #

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  • Higgins taking this one with century. 9-8 Ding.
    Sum of all coloured balls are 27 in #snooker. #
  • Higgins looking stronger. Potting well again, black five times now. 40-18 Higgins frame 17. #snooker #
  • Ding done away with the yellow, green, brown #snooker. Looks he will take this frame.
    He just did. 9 frames to 7 Ding. #
  • 49-42 as Higgins misses yellow #snooker. All reds gone. #
  • Higgins clapping the table after another good safety shot from Ding #snooker #
  • All very tactical at the moment #snooker #
  • Higgins plays a safety #snooker at 49-22. #
  • Higgins 49-0 and misses in frame sixteen #snooker #
  • #snooker Touching ball:cue ball resting on other ball. With ref's permission, cue ball can be played away to safety without hitting another #
  • Ding takes the frame after Higgins's brown miss #snooker. Ding 8-7 up. #
  • Ding looking to heavens and Higgins missing easy brown for the frame #snooker #
  • Third attempt: Higgins pots the red #snooker #
  • Higgins missed red twice #snooker, not sure what is happening here in terms of rules. #
  • Ding hiding that red #snooker #
  • One red left on the table #snooker. #
  • Super shot from Higgins hiding the red #snooker and Ding almost got to it. #
  • 46-34 Higgins in frame fifteen #snooker. Ding to shoot. #
  • £100,000 for the winner #snooker Pukka Pies UK Championship (are they served on the premises?).
    First to ten frames by the looks if it. #
  • Seven all Higgins vs Ding #snooker. #
  • 60 minutes. Grand total of what I have exposed myself to of BigBrother and X-factor over the years.
    Life is too short. #
  • #snooker Higgins up 7 frames to 6. #
  • Six frames all #snooker. 91 so no century.
    Rules: #
  • #snooker Higgins looks to have the 12th frame in the bag. Looking for century? #
  • Ding 6 - Higgins 5 #snooker #
  • #snoooker. 11th frame still being played. Higgins's shot at 12-28. #
  • for #snooker (and bookmarks) if you are on the move in the UK with your Apple devices.BBC Two now catching up. #
  • Guardian's "The people who ruined the decade" list, excellent choices (Homme, Will.I.Am.Humps, of course S.cum.Cowell) #
  • #snooker
    Ding Junhui 5 - John Higgins 5
    Higgins to break. #
  • Yup, marginal vaginal.

    "Christmas decorations on South Molton Street look vaguely gynaecological?" /via @Londonist #

  • News on climate conference from third largest oil exporter (Norway):it's everybody else's fault! The hipocrisy. #

  • Reasons to be cheerful, Roger Lewis's 2009 (author of many biographies I won't read & Seasonal Suicide Notes that I will) #
  • Sunday Times, snooker and tea. Twelve years in England taking its toll; back home I would be reading Dagbladet and watching team handball. #
  • The Kamprad (IKEA) family is getting rid off Habitat after five years of losses. #
  • Hundreds of songs to rate in SXSW torrent: the clickwheel method of rating songs on iPod Classic is much more effective than on iPod Touch. #
  • iClassic app for iPod Touch/iPhone does not have "press center button for star rating" a song, the thing I miss the most from the olden days #
  • Spotify: Wayne County&The Electric Chairs:Berlin #

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  • Hmm, sorry to Lines&Savage - but The Only Ones did the punk/psychedelia thing better than anyone else.
    spotify:track:52QZyQgIleFXjIaBECRQ5d #
  • The Lines according to Jon Savage: Spotify: The Lines – White Night #
  • Curry, chocolate cake and excellent Culture Show (PiL&Braun on the same bill!), then Andrew Marr and his luminous ears + few frames of pool. #
  • - British alchohol prices 1L of Smirnoff £12 in the shops. #
  • "most disturbing sight … queue for A&F" @crystalbennes
    Spot on, I laugh at the folly every time I walk past #
  • Friday fun:Dominic "McNulty" West on HIGNFY, whole Seinfeld crew on crazy Curb Your Enthusiasm show, watching Kapoor's cannon being fired x2 #

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  • Hmm, sorry to Lines&Savage - but The Only Ones did the punk/psychedelia thing better than anyone else.
    spotify:track:52QZyQgIleFXjIaBECRQ5d #
  • The Lines according to Jon Savage: Spotify: The Lines – White Night #
  • Curry, chocolate cake and excellent Culture Show (PiL&Braun on the same bill!), then Andrew Marr and his luminous ears + few frames of pool. #
  • - British alchohol prices 1L of Smirnoff £12 in the shops. #
  • "most disturbing sight … queue for A&F" @crystalbennes
    Spot on, I laugh at the folly every time I walk past #
  • Friday fun:Dominic "McNulty" West on HIGNFY, whole Seinfeld crew on crazy Curb Your Enthusiasm show, watching Kapoor's cannon being fired x2 #

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  • - Kapoor slow tram pic no 2 #
  • - Kapoor's slow crimson tram to the other room. Closing now. #
  • Kapoor's cannon is still shooting for a couple of hoursvat RA. If you are cheeky enough you might walk right in for the shooting party only. #

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  • Stranded good,but "Prehistoric Sounds" is fav. Spotify: The Saints – Prehistoric Sounds #
  • Spotify: The Saints – (I'm) Stranded. The original long-haired punks. #
  • Had a browse through all tracks in SingStar to prepare for X-mas (no I can't sing either).
    Biggest shock was finding "I'm Stranded"/Saints. #
  • So golfer is having sex,his Swedish wife (marriage in Sweden on avg last 11 years),mother-in-law gets ill on visit- and this is world news? #
  • Sam Taylor-Wood at Apple was an ambivalent affair: good conversation, an affable Sam; but venue not ideal, simply too much background noise. #
  • Currently listening to via @iso50
    Free ISO50 digital EP. #
  • At "Meet the film-maker" event Apple store, Regent Street. Sam Taylor-Wood should be here in ten. #
  • Vital Ingredient's beef stew for winter must be a cousin of our Norwegian "lapskaus" (giving name to the scousers). Very nice. #
  • Queue for Kapoor. #
  • - Walking the red carpet at the Burlington Arcade #

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  • Xiu Xiu at Luminaire in February 2010 (via Fact mag).
    On my summer 2006 Acecast along with Comanechi (yeah!), #
  • There's a cringeworthy band in that SXSW torrent called The Cringe.
    If only all bands were this honest. #

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  • UK's richest man set to make cool £1 billion by massive carbon credits received. Giving Mittal £1bn will surely save the world. What a CON. #
  • - Typo of the week: "members of the pubic" #
  • - Royal Airforce ad: nurse finds cans of Coke #
  • Still going through SXSW 2009 torrent.Sturgeon's law applies:Ninety percent of everything is crud,although I would say 95% of class of 2009. #
  • I have banned nothing apart from Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and ELO in my house; Townes Van Zandt, The Who and Sparks fill those spaces. #
  • Current NME (Hello mag for the indie kids) editor has banned everything but Dylan from her house.
    Can the NME pls just roll over and die? #
  • Best way to get photos to look right on both Twitter and Twitpic (text will show on stream) is to email twitpic account with subject line. #
  • - Fever Ray lightshow at HMV Forum #
  • - Hildur Gudnadóttir warming up for Fever Ray #
  • - Fever Ray setlist HMV Forum (Kentish Town), London 20091206. #