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Time capsule for sale: 1960s Robert Clark-designed midcentury property in Webster, New York, USA

1960s Robert Clark-designed midcentury property in Webster, New York, USA As far as we can see, it is the first time on the market for this 1960s Robert Clark-designed midcentury property in Webster, New York, USA. 1960s Robert Clark-designed midcentury property in Webster, New York, USA But you probably worked that out from a glance […]

The Best Pubs Near London Train Stations

Whether you’re waiting for a train, or have arranged to meet a friend near a mutually-handy station, you’ll want somewhere decent to get a drink. That’s why we’ve made this list of pubs near central London train stations. Every pub listed is less than a seven-minute jog from bar to platform. Some of them are on […]

Lee Ufan: From Point, From Line, From Wind. Pace Gallery, London

Until 31st October 2015, Pace London presents its first solo exhibition of work by Korean-born artist Lee Ufan. The exhibition follows Ufan’s 2014 solo exhibition at Château de Versailles. Lee Ufan is a founding member of Mono-ha (“Object School”) and mediates on gesture and nature. The artist developed seven major series throughout his career, four […]

On the market: 1960s architect-designed modernist property in Trollasen, Sweden

1960s architect-designed modernist property in Trollasen, Sweden Not too far our of Gothenburg is this rather stylish 1960s architect-designed modernist property in Trollasen, Sweden. It is on the market too. 1960s architect-designed modernist property in Trollasen, Sweden The house dates from 1961 and has obviously benefited from very sympathetic owners over the subsequent 50+ years. […]

On the market: 1960s Harley Sherlock-designed modernist townhouse in London N6

1960s Harley Sherlock-designed modernist townhouse in London N6 Had a feeling this had been covered in the past, but the archives say it was a different, but similar property. It wouldn’t matter anyway, as this 1960s Harley Sherlock-designed modernist townhouse in London N6 has recently been refurbished, so worth a new shout regardless. 1960s Harley […]

Current Obsessions: Serenity Now

Here’s a look at a few things that grabbed us this week. Above: Ikea has unveiled plans to add movable walls to their lineup in 2018. Photograph by Erik Undéhn. A graphic guide to cabinet pulls.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to clean a toaster.  Above: If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, […]

Five city hacks that every Londoner should know

Five city hacks that every Londoner should know Ever wondered how to nab a cab during a rainy rush hour? Secure a ticket to a sold-out show? Get served in a heaving bar? The pros give Dan Frost the tricks… 43 fun things to do in London this weekend The weekend’s rolled round again and […]

Professor Shoelace Teaches how to tie your shoes super fast with a knot

Ian Fieggen’s OFFICIAL “Ian Knot” tutorial video. Teaches how to tie your shoes super fast with a knot that has the same or better security than the two other most common shoelace knots. Besides being faster, the Ian Knot is also more symmetrical, works equally for right or left handed people, and has fewer steps […]

DIY: Upgraded Ikea Wood Countertops

Noticed lately in high-end projects: appealing dark wood countertops, finished with a sheen. Here’s how to get the look for less. The Inspiration There’s a lot to like about this kitchen by UK designer Patrick Williams of Berdoulat; the polished dark wood countertops, the wall-mounted dish rack painted white, and the sparkly glass pendant lights. […]

Philadelphia Story: Two Creatives Tackle Their Own Kitchen

Ada Egloff and Rick Banister bought their Victorian row house in South Philly for a steal back in 2007, when they were fresh out of college: “Philadelphia real estate: How is the secret not yet out?” she asks. They’ve been chipping away at their place themselves ever since. And though neither came to the project with […]

15 Interiors Trends for Autumn 2015

From artisanal glassware to the deconstructed kitchen; our predictions for the trends that will define autumn 2015. The Deconstructed Kitchen Above: The less-than-perfect kitchen, cobbled together from disparate elements. Photograph via Katrin Arens. Stay tuned: We’ll be devoting ourselves to this topic next week. Black Kitchen Utensils Above: Black kitchen accoutrements; see more at Kitchen Tools […]

Ikea Disrupters: 5 New Upstart Furniture Companies

A new wave of entrepreneurs is taking on Ikea, cutting out the middlemen and offering locally made flat pack furniture direct to consumers and, in some cases, at below-Ikea prices. Artifox Sarah Carpenter and Dan Mirth, the St. Louis-based founders of Artifox, are “devoted to rethinking home and office products; our mission is to merge technology […]

Table of Contents: The Deconstructed Kitchen

This week we’re heading into the kitchen, exploring a new design trend: the deconstructed, un-suburban, offhand culinary space. Monday Above: In our House Call department, Margot drops in on a Manhattan couple at their weekend house in Fire Island. Tuesday Above: London’s most in-demand ceramicist makes tableware for Lyle’s, Bao, and the Clove Club; we’ll […]

Trend Alert: 17 Deconstructed Kitchens

Throw out all the rules; here are 17 examples of the next wave in kitchen design, which we pegged as an emerging trend in last week’s post 15 Interiors Trends for Autumn 2015 (a reader agreed with us: “I’m all over this trend. Perfect looks suburban.”). Above: The kitchen at The Apartment in SoHo, NYC, is […]

Trump Persuasion Alert: The Bush-Slayer Comment

This article explains how Trump has decided to call Jeb Bush a “low energy” candidate. That’s a linguistic kill shot. If you live to be a hundred, you will never see a better linguistic move. No candidate can recover from the low-energy label. Trump ended Bush with two words. Now, even if Trump stumbles, Bush […]

10 Easy Pieces: Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems

The advantages to wall-mounted, modular shelving systems are myriad: They can be engineered to fit any space, and unlike built-ins, they can be disassembled and reinstalled if you relocate. Here’s a roundup of our finds. Above: The Royal System Shelving Unit C is available in oak and walnut and priced at $5,985 at Design Within […]

Vitrô Arquitetura exposes structural concrete pillars within 1960s São Paulo apartment

Brazilian firm Vitrô Arquitetura has renovated a 1960s apartment in São Paulo, revealing structural concrete pillars and brickwork walls (+ slideshow). (more…) from tloghal’s favorite articles on Inoreader via IFTTT

Renovated Apartment in São Tomás Building, an Ode to Modernism by Felipe Hess

Paying respect to the original design of a beautiful construction and adding contemporary touches through the use of metal and concrete, 30 year old Brazilian architect Felipe Hess, together with Pia Quagliato, a collaborator in his firm, breathed new life to this 400 m² apartment in São Tomás in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Bauhaus […]

The Night Frank Zappa Jammed With Pink Floyd … and Captain Beefheart Too (Belgium, 1969)

Recently an older musician acquaintance told me he never “got into ‘Interstellar Overdrive’ and all that,” referring to the “first major space jam” of Pink Floyd’s career and the subsequent explosion of space rock bands. I found myself a little taken aback. Though I was born too late to be there, I’ve come to see […]

Pavement explosions pose ‘life risk’

Exploding pavements are “putting lives at risk” with 80 incidents since 2010 and 40 in the last year, figures reveal. from tloghal’s favorite articles on Inoreader via IFTTT

Urban fly-fishing report: River Frome, Bristol

For the last couple of seasons we’ve been hearing intriguing urban-trouty rumours about the Bristol Frome, a little limestone river which rises in the rural Cotswolds and flows broadly south-west past the university quarter at Frenchay to meet the much larger Avon in the centre of Bristol. So when we heard how respected competition angler (and […]

Charles Holland presents 11 lost icons of Postmodern architecture

Pomo summer: as part of our summer series on Postmodernism, Dezeen invited architect and former FAT director Charles Holland to look at some of the movement’s most iconic projects that didn’t stand the test of time. (more…) from tloghal’s favorite articles on Inoreader via IFTTT

10 Favorites: Accent Wall Ideas

What’s the best color for an accent wall, and which wall should I paint? Answer: Any color, any wall. The goal here is to have fun with color, and the permutations of the accent wall are endless. One thing to keep in mind: Whichever wall you choose, a bold color will end up defining the room, […]

Portraits of Redhead Women

La photographe bosniaque Maja Topčagić centre son travail sur une partie précise de la population : des jeunes et jolies femmes aux cheveux roux. Sachant que seulement 1 à 2% de la population mondiale peut se targuer de posséder des cheveux d’une telle couleur, l’artiste parvient à magnifier les jeunes femmes immortalisées, à découvrir dans […]

The New Tesla Model M Concept Bike

Alors que Tesla mise sur l’électrique avec principalement des voitures de luxe, le designer Jans Shlapins, basé à Londres et indépendant de la marque automobile, a décidé de se focaliser avec ce Model M Concept Bike aux deux-roues. Avec un système permettant d’alterner entre quatre modes de conduite – Race, Standard, Eco & Cruise -, cette moto […]

100% Norway exhibition to showcase the country’s designers and manufacturers in London

An exhibition of Norwegian design will return to the London Design Festival in September, with a new focus on the country’s manufacturing industry (+ slideshow). (more…) from tloghal’s favorite articles on Inoreader via IFTTT

The New Google Patents

There’s a new version of Google Patents that’s available at The interface now uses Material Design, there’s a checkbox that lets you search Google Scholar, advanced search options are available in the sidebar and you can quickly navigate between search results, which are now grouped by category. The prior art finder is now properly […]

The password sharing economy

Netflix and HBO know what you did last summer. And they know you’re still doing it this summer. The sharing of login credentials is so widespread that the big streaming players are losing hundreds of millions a year. So why don’t they stop us? Two reasons: It’s all about growth at this point. And no […]

The 6 Best Apps for Taking DSLR-Quality Images on Your iPhone

As the anecdote goes: the best camera is the one you have with you. We hit up Yopoosh, one of the most impressive iPhone photographers on Instagram, to learn the tricks of the trade. As you might expect, he has quite a considerable arsenal of apps to help elevate his iPhone photos into DSLR-quality images. Check out […]

White Mountaineering x Seiko “Spirit” Watch

White Mountaineering has teamed up with Japanese watch brand Seiko. This season they have chosen to work on the very unique looking Seiko Spirit chronograph, originally designed by Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Th watch comes with an interesting bracelet and limited to only 700 pieces worldwide, the White Mountaineering x Seiko “Spirit” watch will […]

How Peter Luger chooses their beef

Eater’s Nick Solares accompanies the proprietor of Peter Luger Steakhouse to one of the few remaining butchers in the Meatpacking District1 to see how she selects meat for the restaurant. You know, that place with all the fancy shops, night clubs, and garbage people.↩ Tags: food   Nick Solares   NYC   Peter Luger   video from tloghal’s favorite […]

How INSTRMNT Watches Are Made

Glasgow-based watch providers INSTRMNT launched late last year with the introduction of the INSTRMNT 01, a minimalistic watch that bears old school design elements and functionality. The cool thing about the brand is that they use one of the last remaining leather strap manufacturers in the Bavarian Forest. This particularity visual by INSTRMNT highlights how […]

Cures for the Common Financial Web

Wonderful collection of sites from Jimmy Atkinson at Fund Reference: ~~~ Thankfully there are a number of sites dedicated to conveying investment advice that is actually worthwhile. The exceptional sites listed below can serve as resources for those looking to invest wisely and gradually accumulate wealth. Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz remains one of the most insightful and honest […]

SO-IL adds decorative brick entrance to Tina Kim Gallery gallery in Manhattan

Brooklyn studio SO-IL has used corbelled brickwork to create a textured entrance to an art gallery in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood. (more…) from tloghal’s favorite articles on Inoreader via IFTTT

How to make a cheap suit look good

 Not everyone can afford a bespoke suit, or even a top-end ready-to-wear one. But there are many things you can do on any budget to improve the look of your tailoring. 1. Buy conservative If a suit isn’t of the greatest quality, make sure it doesn’t bring attention to itself in any other way. So […]

Global Deaths in Conflicts Since the Year 1400

click for ginormous graphic Source: Our World in Data from tloghal’s favorite articles on Inoreader via IFTTT

The Best Pubs In Outer London

If you like exploring London’s lesser-known pubs, bookmark this page now. We asked for your help in identifying the best pubs in the outer boroughs, officially defined as those labelled in the map below: We received dozens of nominations via the comments box, Facebook and Twitter hashtag #OuterLondonPubs. Below, we’ve rounded up all qualifying suggestions, […]

Herschel Supply for Clarks Originals Summer 2015 Desert Boot

Celebrating 65 years of the iconic Desert Boot, Clarks Originals has teamed up with Herschel Supply to produce a fresh take on the famous crepe-soled silhouette. First worn by off-duty British servicemen abroad, the Desert Boot has been doing the rounds since 1949 — it’s truly a timeless style. Herschel Supply’s rendition remains pretty much true to […]

The Time Out Guide to the new London Overground

The Time Out Guide to the new London Overground (Exclusive) The extension of the Overground this weekend will open up fresh areas of London that previously didn’t exist. Entire new social playgrounds will be unlocked, brimming with retail, cocktail and clubbing possibilities, and all because there are now orange trains from somewhere central every quarter […]

In Praise Of Croydon

Poor Croydon — the butt of jokes, a byword for the architectural ruining of a town, maligned by Bromley-ite David Bowie, a cliche for the lazy writer — akin to ‘Peckham is Only Fools And Horses‘. Anyone who’s been there won’t need us to tell them that all that is far from the mark. Far better to […]