You are reading Halvard “Hal” Halvorsen’s tumblelog. What you see here is the stuff that normally would be in my bookmarks, emails to myself, or just floating around the flat in ever larger stacks of newspaper and magazine cuttings. There’s the odd little thought, comment or observation as well, but do not expect anything of great substance.

The tumblelog was set up in May 2008. Any entries older than that are from the archives of my main blog or taken from my Netvouz bookmarks.



I’ve been a reader since I was kid and that’s me aged five looking in a Norwegian paper Dagbladet. We had just moved into our new house. I am not sure if I could read or not. The paper has a story on the desktop killers of Nazi-Germany (ie the people signing orders, “skriverbords-morderne”) and also a headline saying “Going to Berlin to kill Dutschke” (German student leader Rudi Dutschke was shot in 1968).

I also try to maintain a proper blog as well as doing the odd podcast at Acecast.