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  • China syndrome in #Croydon with Lansdowne Road deal
  • No 1 Croydon was love at first sight and still follow FYB, but it was Jonathan Meades’s series on bunkers & brutalism that opened my eyes.
  • Fuck Yeah Brutalism blogger Michael Abrahamson makes the Sunday Times Culture mag. Le Corb, not Corbyn.
  • #NowPlaying “Oceanic I I” by John Foxx from London Overgrown ♫
  • just might be the Chinese play. Clever.
  • and Hinkley will not help the steel industry with its £92.50 MWh price guarantee. If anything Hinkley will make it worse, but that
  • so blaming the £18/tonne carbon tax for this is deceitful.
  • … own graph seems to illustrate the opposite. The UK energy taxes seems to be the lowest of them all, both in real and relative terms.
  • The Sunday Times calling for reduced (green) taxes on energy for the failing British steel industry. Their own …

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