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  • Admittedly long time since I did my degree in Computer Engineering/Science - but whatever happened to proper data architecture and security?
  • Hackers response: we don’t need no stupid password (and why don’t you use two-factor auth?). Bank detail?: we already have them thx.
  • “TalkTalk reassured customers it would never ask for a password or bank details without customers’ permission”.
  • OS X El Capita, thought it safe to upgrade as 10.11.1 out,
    Not so: Opera crash on del priv data & Time Machine external disk not ejectable.
  • BBC News - TalkTalk website hit by cyber-attack “credit card and bank details could have been accessed”.
  • “Saxon Chronicles” (not read in our household yet, still trying to source first pocket of “Snorre”) is acknowledged though.
  • and hacks sometimes have to do these, right?
  • so thought it odd that GoT got so many mentions and “Vikings” none in a piece on “Last Kingdom”. But it’s a PR piece I guess.
  • Time period and some of plot (vikings and the power struggles between English kingdoms) seems to be shared with LK and Vikings
  • If I were a capitalist w available capital: must be a good time to invest in companies dealing in decommissions of steel and oil structures.
  • So sounds like the Beeb pretends not to know about “Vikings”; either that or they are reaching out to fans of “Game of Thrones”.
  • … as “Vikings” cover some of the same period (850-950) and deals with the English kingdoms. “Game of Thrones” gets mentioned 5-6 times.
  • The Times did a double page article in T2 yesterday on “The Last Kingdom” without once mentioning Amazon’s “Vikings”. This is weird as …
  • #NowPlaying “Stray Dog” by New Order from Music Complete. Straying between good and ridiculous. Lee Hazlewood vs Ye…

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