Table of Contents: The Deconstructed Kitchen

This week we’re heading into the kitchen, exploring a new design trend: the deconstructed, un-suburban, offhand culinary space.

The Deconstructed Kitchen Remodelista Issue


Fire Island House | Remodelista

Above: In our House Call department, Margot drops in on a Manhattan couple at their weekend house in Fire Island.


Owen Wall Ceramics | Remodelista

Above: London’s most in-demand ceramicist makes tableware for Lyle’s, Bao, and the Clove Club; we’ll be paying a visit to his studio in our Tabletop section.


Heft Kitchen in Japan | Remodelista

Above: In our Kitchens department, Margot visits a Japanese design studio that offers an edited kit for putting together your own space, from hooks to custom sinks.


Ristorante La Cucina by Archiplan | Remodleista

Above: In our Restaurant Visit division, we’re (virtually) dining at a new spot in Mantua. 


Buccholz Knife Rack | Remodelista

Above: We’ve rounded up our favorite kitchen tools with a rustic edge in our Kitchen Accessories column. 

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