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  • 31b St Mary’s Road «inspired by the US Case Study Houses scheme & van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House»
  • Prepping for . Just one property on the list, but looks to be a gem: 31bSt Mary’s Road, 1965 modernist home by Foggo&Thomas.
  • Cheating virus hits poker players (BBC): “shares the cards with the virus’s creators who then join the same game”
  • meaning that amateur bloggers and podcasters might again be paid a minimum wage. The war for mobile is now on thanks to Apple.
  • we might be heading towards the future (and past) that Jaron Lanier wants: you produce good content, you get directly paid.
  • Buying the Peace adblocker to all (well both) my iOS devices. Micropayments might soon come of age (as they apparently are on the continent)
  • When I started to use Internet around 1990 (email&Usenet) there were no adverts and all content was free, so back soon to where we started.

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