Tweet from ldnhal

  • Not a Corbynite man by any means, but looks like politics and the public is not ready for a man of principle.
  • Pragmatism (ie republican, but in no rush to get rid of monarchy; singing “GSTQ” as an atheist) is OK, but a principled man sticks w ideals.
  • People offended by Corbyn not lip syncing to “God Save the Queen”. Oh dear,there’s no right to go through life without being offended.
  • has named the Queen #3 on the list of “London’s 25 progress-makers” (she’s old that’s why).
  • [Über] because our treatment of <strike>employees<strike> independent contractors is inhuman, so you won’t notice
  • “Energy and phone companies worst in Britain, say customers” (Times sub required). Take your money elsewhere, I did.

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