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  • #NowPlaying “Better Than This” by Ane Brun from When I’m Free (Deluxe) Ane channelling Kate Bush. ♫
  • The Top 100 Norwegian records of all time as selected by musicians (big holes though, according to me).
  • Murdoch’s demands #JeremyCorbyn show The Queen respect, after they recently called her a Nazi #AnthemGate http…
  • A good word goes a long way! ‘Croydon in this weeks featuring with a photo by us ;-) http://t…
  • Shedload of security bugs squashed in iOS 9 – what the hell went wrong with iOS 8? • The Regi… 101 exploits fixed?
  • So ordering and then bordering an Über car in London is booked through the Netherlands, so no tax to the HMRC (ie less money to roads?).
  • “Uber is killing off iconic black cabs, warns Zac Goldsmith”. Con gov can fix tax system to level taxi competition.
  • “AirDrop hole deposits stealth malware on all pre-iOS 9 Apple devices”. Ouch, there just might be a reason to upgrade
  • updated Siri (there’s no way I’m enabling an always on listening device on my phone) and so on. I’ll wait for first iOS 9 patch.
  • “Live photos” (ie animated GIFs recycled), updated maps (I’ll stick with Google Maps, Citymapper for travel), updated News and …
  • David Attenborough backs huge Apollo-style clean energy research plan
  • Am I about to do the same again as part of MSE’s big swich? Time will tell.
  • Not quite on par with the sufferings of De Sade’s Justine, but I’ve moved from one energy provider who had problems with their IT to another
  • Marine population ‘halved since 1970’
  • If you are an atheist and republican then singing “God Save the Queen” is plainly wrong. The clue is in the song’s title.

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