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  • Did designers at deliberately want to upset those folks with OCD? This tortures me every time here! http:/…
  • Don’t bother buying computers for schools, says OECD report “cannot point to improved reading, maths or science”.
  • “Timex’s upcoming fitness watch goes back to analog”. Best looking fitness tracker yet (& that includes Apple Watch).
  • “The left always falls out with itself. It’s like the life cycle of the moth”. (“One Labour MP, quoted in FT). That certainly sounds right.
  • #NowPlaying “Better Than This” by Ane Brun from When I’m Free. Fretless slap (?) bass 80s style (nicely done). ♫
  • quoted on split within Yamaguchi-gumi (Sunday Times): “They [Japanese] think: better organised crime than unorganised crime”.
  • Has Tom Watson launched his coup yet?
  • Photograph 51 at the Noel Coward Theatre (Times, subscription req): ” … not the perfect play. Yet Kidman is superb”

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