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  • but 8 out of 9 models don’t wear socks for autumn? Might work in Cali, but no socks is not an option for a muggy October in London.
  • Boom. Sunday Times thumps through the letter box with extras including autumn catatalogue with nice tweed jackets etc, BUT
  • Some good stills of the Varming house (notice the abundance of storage, so often missing in British homes).
  • Varming’s house (Eva and Nils Koppel) is 130m2 and is also in bricks.
  • This is what one should aspire to, not some 500m2 white box.
  • Excellent «Varming’s eget hus» also available . Part of a different series («Outstanding Nordic Houses»)
  • Holscher’s home is the pinnacle of Scandinavian discrete modernism, made of bricks and packed to the rim with good details.
  • Rewatched «Arkitektens Hjem» (The Architect’s Home») with Knud Holscher (it’s on YouTube) but for how long ?)
  • In Britain it’s CCTV, in the US guns: «less than 5% of the world’s population, … half the world’s privately owned firerarms» (The Times).
  • «Photograph 51» is play though and tension and a bit of «compression» of history makes better drama. If you want facts go elsewhere.
  • C) Photograph 51 was not «stolen» or «slipped»
  • A) Rosalind Franklin was dead (1958) when the Nobels were awarded (1962).
    B) she likely would have been awarded a (shared chemistry) Nobel
  • Guardian article’s main points from June are repeated in today’s Opinion piece in The Times by

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