Tweet from ldnhal

  • «Franklin’s data was key to the double helix model, but the ‘stealing’ myth stems from Watson’s memoir”
  • that is one big webcam.
  • The Premier League continues to be the best in the world despite having no-one very good in it. Its like The Happy Mondays.
  • You have to WAIT for AA on Pokerstars?
  • Blessings: lucky enough to see Mike Modano 5x times when he played for Minnesota North Stars and lucky enough to have read Patrick Modiano.
  • Searching for Modiano (Patrick, author) in Tweetdeck also gives me loads of tweets about Modano (Mike, record breaking NHL player).
  • Still lovely. Finest Finnish band ever? #nowplaying
  • No Brompton day hire dock in Croydon just yet though.
  • «New cycle hub and bike hire scheme to launch in Croydon». Good news is that I can test ride a Brompton locally.
  • Few years ago I would have liked that sort of white box architecture, but after binging on «Arkitektens Hjem» I’m out of love w white boxes

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