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  • Grand Designs kicks off new series with a very extravagant house via
  • on the basis of the title of the sampler and its avocado green cover I’m #nowplaying (and it’s got Underworld and R…
  • Reading aound 50% of my literature electronically (Nook, not Kindle) these days, but still bring in plenty of dead wood through the doors.
  • Making your corridor into another type of room, spotted both a and in The Times: “library spaces w seating niches, bookshelves”.
  • 2999 ft and it’s a corbett (hill), 3000 ft and it’s a munro (mountain) via (“Hikers went up a mountain … but came down a hill”).
  • “Ashley Madison passwords cracked”. The mad story of the amateur IT dept of AM continues.
  • I’ve argued for years that forced monthly password changes is less secure than simply choosing strong passwords in the first place.
  • GCHQ wants to set your passwords. (Register). “GCHQ agrees that passwords should not be subject to regular changes.”
  • PlayStation and me: how a console shaped my life
  • Convenience (in this case using remote controlled (aka “keyless” locks ) seems to top security (proper locks, stronger windows) every time.
  • My emphasis. And “security through obscurity” like suggested in the next paragraph does not work very well either.
  • “There is no FAULT with LandRover’s security systems”. So they are MEANT to enable thieves to steal car in 30 secs?

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