Tweet from ldnhal

  • “When I had typed the last line, I rolled the title page back into the machine and stared at it … Not a word has been changed since”.
  • People don’t expect DOD-level security but, Seagate, please stop adding hidden hardcoded root logins to hard drives.
  • Iceland reach Euro 2016 but Lars Lagerback insists: ‘Nelson Mandela is a hero, I am not’ via …
  • Boxpark Croydon will be bigger than originally announced
  • when trains are cancelled it would be good if Citymapper flagged it. National rail top of pic, CM bottom
  • Something is seriously wrong with weekend travel in this country. First train cancelled, second train delayed “due to lack of train crew”.
  • Sweden offers permanent residency to all Syrian refugees. Respect.
  • Is it possible that he believes what he learns from Fox News?

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