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  • That from Sunday Times biz section. Maybe green energy is both quicker to construct and cheaper?
  • and cost is likely to go up: “A similar EDF plant … 3 times over budget and fallen 6 years behind schedule”. Hinkley Point will be 2x size
  • The nuclear future is not quite here and when it comes it might just cost us. Hinkley Point due to open in 2017 will not open until 2024 and
  • ‘Please (*3), can someone round up all the sanctimonious fart boxes that are “clean eaters” and light one massive match’ in ST.
  • With budgets like that Sky & BT should be able swat auntie away. Why can’t they? Simples, right wingers just don’t tend to make good content
  • and STILL Sky (Murdoch and soon PM’s friend Brooks) continue to complain about the BBC’s “unfair” licence fee.
  • “Sky and BT will … [in 2016] spend more to televise one season of Premier League football than BBC spends annually”
  • Turkey 3 - The Netherlands 0. The Netherlands 4th (fourth) in their group (!).
  • Norway 2 - Croatia 0. We still have to go to Italy, but at least we are alive and kicking.
  • Jo Inge Berget! Norway 2 - Croatia 0. Berget keeping our Euro qualifying campaign alive.
  • Jo Inge Berget! Norway 1 - Croatia 0.
  • Stunning from Nina Kinert. Could have been a Dolly Parton or Lyle Lovett number. #nowplaying
  • #nowplaying Ternheim og Fläskkvartetten ♫
  • My letter in today. Regenerating cities is cool. Expensive follies are not. Oppose #gardenbridge http://t…
  • cue the longest delays?
  • #ShowMeaHero—which shares The Wire’s ardent social realism—is a return to form for #DavidSimon http:…
  • nightmares?
  • where do I find this doctor?
  • complete with must be the earliest swimsuit.
  • Frederick Forsyth: «was approached by an [Mi6] intelligence officer who asked him to ‘tell us what’s going on’ «
  • «My only qualification was that I was crazy enough to do it» (find out what was going on on Biafra)
  • Wonder if and Frederick Forsyth ever crossed paths in Biafra? Both were there in 1969.
  • Napoleon E02+E03 of Andrew Robert’s series of Bonaparte. Roberts could have done with a talking head counterpoint.

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