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  • Bloodless Pharaohs (with Brian Setzser pre Stray Cats, late 70s) via
  • That’s 1979 folks, not 2015 …
  • Jayne County - New York Underground via “Are You Man Enough To Be A Woman” Live 1979, for Bruce Jenner.
  • Some 60s gossip after peeking into Google books. Miss Christine of GTos (and ) used to babysit Frank Zappa’s children.
  • GTO’s - The Ghost Chained To The Past, Present And Future via
  • - a “groupie group” Misses Pamela, Sparky, Lucy, Christine, Sandra, Mercy, Cynderella .
  • Alice Cooper-Cincinnati Pop Festival June 13 1970. via Awesome, an American word and this is.
  • Alice Cooper- rock for the future 1969. /cc
  • That predates Einstürzende Neubauten by about 20 years (Alice using a hammer on stage).
  • Alice Cooper-Toronto Rock & Roll revival ‘69 Entire Video via Wendy O gaffa-tape and all.
  • Sometimes I feel there were two winters, the Johnny who did stuff like Fast Life Rider, then the Johnny who did crowd pleasers like JB Goode
  • Johnny Winter - Fast Life Rider - Live via not as far from Paal Nilssen-Love that you think it might be.
  • BBC4 needs to update subtexts on that 70s rock TV. Sadly Winter left.
    RIP Johnny Winter. Here’s to the day they play “Fast Life Rider” on TV
  • lucky enough to be there 17 years ago, lucky enough to be there this autumn (hopefully, at least I have tickets)
  • BBC News - Nicole Kidman to return to London stage after 17 years
  • I fucking love living in London.
  • I’ll sit on a wooden bench for Nicole Kidman. £10 tickets PREMIERE tickets booked. Result.
  • #nowplaying our own Anneli is back. ♫
    Rollo (“so big that no horse could carry him”) was banned from Norway by Harald Fairhair.
  • Next series of Vikings. We need outlaws and we need skiing. We need some Sami people, we need Iceland and we need for Rollo to start walking
  • Seriously:
    Nicole Kidman”.

    That’s the complete cast.
    I’ll be the one awake by my keyboard until 05:00.

  • For x.0 - wait until at least x.0.2, x.1, then wait until x.1.1. By x.2 it’s normally safe.
  • For free jazz, motorik krautrock pieces and noise you have to be in that certain mood. But if you happen to be in that mood, it’s just right
  • and just my luck: “Due to essential maintenance our online ticketing facility is offline from 2:40am until 5:00am (GMT)”.
  • apart from the free jazz, I just might have to go to the theatre again - Nicole Kidman will be back in London Town.
  • Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen-Love, Mats Gustafsson. Nilssen-Love plays London next week. ♫

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