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  • Meades speaks. Jonathan Meades evening talk at V&A next Thursday (30th) via
  • I’m perverse enough to like that 1974 piece from Pete Shelley. Pete features on my Bloggariddims 31 mix
  • Penguin UK paperback edition arrives. Handsomely!
  • old enough to remember it (Sun Sparcstation IPC) … back when .com was rare (sites were edu, gov, uk etc)
  • NCSA Mosaic, the first web browser with the ability to display text and images inline, was released today in 1993! htt…
  • Pete Shelley - Sky Yen [Side A (first part)] via Pete Shelley, March 1974(!) on “purpose built oscillator”
  • By the time we get to 1979 and “154” (my absolute favourite) Wire have left punk behind.
  • what do ya call it? ♫
  • we’re just nitpicking here, even Blondie (Debbie) were proud to call themselves punks, even when “confronted” a few years ago.
  • 12XU version of “Live at the Roxy” appeareance makes em punks in my book, even if not their own chosen label now.
  • I would rather put that punk turned into a regressive movement, but Wire clearly part of that whole early DIY movement.
  • Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll: See also “Rocking Cambodia” (recently on BBC here in UK).
  • Bao, Soho, London | #ldnhalsplacestoeat (note to self). 5* review in TimeOut London.
  • getting this a lot lately “oops something went wrong”

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