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  • So painting your house in protest seems to be a “thing” now.
  • Al Capone has been accused of breaching an ASBO, and lives in a bright pink house via
  • bless’em : “It’s also attracting tourists. It’s unnecessary”
  • neither had I until today (thanks ). I think she’s excellent.
  • Then: Fad Gadget. Now: Fad Diet.
  • There’s a more than a hint of Colder (the artist) in my Marie. ♫ Shaky Leg – Marie Davidson
  • BBC News - Is the West losing its edge on defence?
  • that seems a fair statement.
  • I do like eggs, but this year’s #masterchef has seen to many encased soft-boiled eggs.
  • “The City & the City” by China Miéville just might be an allegory on the super-rich non-doms living in London. To be unseen.
  • Mumford & Sons have refused to join the Tidal streaming service. Finally a good news story for Tidal.
  • Time to trim the hair in my ears (getting old). Static electricity built up sitting on a bloody carpet. Discharged through a snap in my ear.
  • Brilliant this is. ♫ Balade Aux USA – Marie Davidson
  • Topical. One of Roxy Music’s weaker albums. ♫ Manifesto - 1999 Digital Remaster – Roxy Music
  • Marie Davidson, might be right up your street if you haven’t already heard her. New album also on Spotify
  • Thanks, very nice, already available from , sounding somewhat like Cristina backed by DAF.
  • #NowPlaying ♫ Un Autre Voyage – Marie Davidson
  • What So even as late as 2013 that the total for dedicated digital cameras were HIGHER than the analogue camera peaks in 1997 and 1998.
  • Post: Amazing chart of how camera production has changed when accounting for smartphones.…
  • Hatton Garden raid: The mystery deepens

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