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  • Look No Barbican
    Golden Lane Estate 1965 by
  • Secret history of Monopoly: board game’s leftwing origins Lizzy Magie created Monopoly, never gets the credit.
  • Jonathan Meades appearing on the Ekoplekz mix, sounding almost evil - like Vincent Price on Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to my Nightmare”.
  • .’s FACT mix is a journey through off-world electronics, hoarse electro and more:…
  • James Caan on Thief: via Sounds like that drilling done by Caan was proper.
  • Thief - Opening Scene: via One of the best opening scenes in cinema. Music: ‘Diamond Diary’/Tangerine Dream
  • Hilti DD 350 will look good in updated version of “Thief”.
  • Hilti DD-350: via The drill used and then left at the crime scene by the Hatton Garden thieves.
  • Good luck. Last night’s episode was more party game than cookery show.
  • “A compendium of every contrary cliché”. AA Gill on “Bloodline”.
    Struck off the list then.

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