Isetan, Ships & Edifice Remake the Baracuta G9 Harrington


Big in Japan, Baracuta plays on its long-standing popularity with three limited edition G9 harrington jackets. A trio of top retailers, Isetan, Ships and Edifice each get a turn at modernizing their very own model with a contemporary touch. Isetan take a water repellent outer and add an “Umbrella” back vent and a jazzy floral print lining from iconic Liberty of London. Ships G9 swaps classic ribbed cuffs with the G4’s adjustable version, adding a traditional “Chapman” Blue Tartan cotton inside. Finally, Edifice sticks to the jackets basic form, adding a single addition in the form of a smart cotton popeline lining from British shirt maker Thomas Mason. All made in England, Baracuta offer these updates via their website, avoiding any “Japan Only” tears.

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