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  • Daffy - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary “silly or strange often in a way that is funny”
  • Urban Dictionary: daffy “Crazy. Madly deranged and completely nuts. Foolish; stupid or mentally imbalanced. “
  • I trust “daffy” is positive.
  • “… within memory” and with “possible exception of emerging French cult favorite Diva” (“Cult Movies 2”, 1983).
  • Ebert didn’t rate “The American Friend”, Danny Peary did: “most dazzlingly daffy suspense-psychological thriller to be imported to the US”
  • Only thing wrong with “The American Friend” is that it suggests to me that I should re-read Patricia Highsmith, maybe in English this time.
  • The American Friend (1977)
    #IMDb Hopper, Ganz in Wenders’s take on a Highsmith Ripley story. As good as it sounds. 5*
  • Northern Soul (2014)
    #IMDb Love story, small crimes, music, dancing, rags. Ticking all boxes, but not a good movie 3*

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