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  • At IKEA the Maze™, the people who are able to make a short walk into a half-marathon.
  • Exclusive – ‘Belle de Jour’ is suing her ex for saying that she was never a prostitute:…
  • I simply love to watch heavy arty movies on my own. Almost as much as I love reading alone. Thank you for the advertising break.
  • Viking S03E04. Not because it’s so damned good, but it feels like some old Norse pagan spell has fallen upon as their ancestors.
  • Storyville “Rocking Cambodia: Rise of a Pop Diva” on via liberal ’60s Cambodia and the terrors of Pol Pot
  • Adam Curtis’s “Bitter Lake” still available. Burial on the soundtrack. If you are feeling sharp and have 2 hours ->go
  • Ordered item from an Amazon shopfront - estimated delivery “Wednesday, March 25, 2015 -
    Thursday, April 16, 2015” Up to a month, seriously?
  • Horslips - “The Man Who Built America”. Still sounds good to me. Their top song and album according to me.
  • Sure an hour is barely time to scratch the surface! But if it’s Horslips History on Film you want, Maurice… http://t.c…

The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week | Tame Impala, Mo Kolours & More

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Resuming normal service with our regular rundown, we return with five tracks made available over the last few days for the low-low price of little to nothing. Mainly nothing. But as ever, the mediocre and average have been meticulously sifted, and we whittle the waves of .wav’s to eventually weave together a tapestry of free tunes that we hope you like.

Trying to make sure there’s a little of something for everyone amongst so many selections this week was tricky, but including Tame Impala’s free giveaway was difficult to not let happen. Equally, our hearts are pretty set on the latest duet between Sango and SPZRKT. Kraak & Smaak manage to crank the funk to full, whilst UK mandem like Mez, Jon Phonics and Mo Kolours make up the rest of what to expect in The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week.

The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week | Tame Impala, Mo Kolours & More

Tame Impala – “Let It Happen”

The first track from their forthcoming follow-up to Lonerism, Australian psych-rockers Tame Impala recently offered up “Let It Happen” completely for free through their band website. At eight minutes long, and a somewhat “dancey” number for the group known best for their halcyonic brand of heaving guitars, we’re still pretty sure you’ll be hankering to get a hold of the new album as much as we are.

Push play, download, listen repeatedly: let it happen.

The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week | Tame Impala, Mo Kolours & More

Mo Kolours – “Sumerian Mother”

Mo Kolours makes music mindful of its own heritage – often sourcing delicate, organic sounds, and organising them into carefully crafted compositions, evoking a production style that’s rare to find.

Recently, the British musician/singer put out a 5-track EP called How I (Rhythm Love Affair), with an optional price tag attached. The limited edition vinyls appear to have been sold almost instantly, so why not grab “Sumerian Mother” for now, and maybe you’ll find yourself spending some money on the rest of the release? See for yourself.

How I (Rhythm Love Affair) by Mo Kolours

The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week | Tame Impala, Mo Kolours & More

SPZRKT & Sango – “How Do You Love Me”

This isn’t the first time that Soulection mainstay Sango and Georgia-born singer SPZRKT have come together to make music, and we certainly hope it won’t be the last.

Prepare your tear ducts and keep the phone number of your ex-partner at a safe distance, because “How Do You Love Me” might just make you a bit emotional. Taken from the pair’s free EP Hours Spent Loving You, this track for us was the heartfelt highlight from the whole thing.

Always be sure to check out the rest of the release if you like what you hear!

The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week | Tame Impala, Mo Kolours & More

Mez – “Ghostin (Jon Phonics ‘Blessed’ Remix)”

Astral Black bossman Jon Phonics has been a busy bee lately, yet he still managed to find the time to add his touch to Mez’s ‘Ghostin’ for a free bootleg.

British vibes are abundant on this one, as Jon manages to reel back the raw UK lyricism by just the right amount, and offsets it with a smooth, sea-like synth that somehow manages to convert the track into a soothing affair despite the hot fire being spat.

The 5 Best Free Tracks of the Week | Tame Impala, Mo Kolours & More

Kraak & Smaak – “Drunken Master”

Finishing off our list with a fluttering of funk, Dutch trio Kraak & Smaak recently served up a tipsy disco edit on their SoundCloud that would work in the warm up, or in this case, the ending of a fun outing.

Like the bottles of free shampoo and conditioner found in the bathroom of the presidential suite, get your fill of this and all the other freebies on offer this week, and we’ll be sure to replenish your supply in about seven days time.

Until then, raise a glass to “Drunken Master.”

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