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  • Sony closing Music Unlimited in favor of Spotify-powered service (update)
  • “To find out what happened to them, the reader must buy this wonderful book”. Sounds like a good base for a film or TV-series.
  • George Melville, ancient family of yours. From review of “In the Kingdom of Ice” H Sides in Times UK
  • Sly Stone awarded millions in unpaid royalties after years of legal battles:
  • Imagine if that 41000 sqft £300M property in Knightsbridge (bought by one Saudi family) was instead made into 60 homes for emergency workers
  • Thomas Piketty: anti-austerity politics may be Europe’s best bet. We’re discussing on Conversations.
  • , this according to Oliver Kamm’s “The Pedant” column in The Times. Guess Mick Jagger knows what he’s singing about.
  • “I can’t get no satisfaction” (double negative as intensifier) and “Get off of my cloud!” (compound preposition) both grammatically correct,
  • hmm hopefully Uranus is placed correctly,
  • Michelle Obama forgoes a headscarf and sparks a backlash in Saudi Arabia
  • Been informed by guard that the southbound 01:05 left Blackfriars on or about time. So why simply “delayed” on web?
  • Thameslink just seems to have given up on running trains through London after midnight. “Delayed”, no ETA. Joke.
  • “If you haven’t declared something on your wealth tax, you don’t own it”. You gotta love that from Natalie Bennet (The Greens).
  • Secularism – not sensitivity – is the key to democracy:
  • or Bear Grylls sixpack in his earlier shows. He somehow always had to get his kit off (for my missus) to cross a river or a lake
  • Been looking for a way to cut size of auto generated posts (ie starred RSS-articles) on my WP tumblelog. best so far

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