Managing those Magazines


Magazines appeal to almost everyone; every home I enter has magazines laying around. Magazines racks can be a good way to keep current magazines visible (rather than buried under piles of papers or whatever) so they actually get read.

The Strata magazine rack from Headsprung is a nice example of a basic magazine rack which could sit on the floor or on a flat surface such as a desktop. It has two sections and can hold up to 12 magazines; the divider helps ensure magazines will stay upright even if the rack isn’t full. If the Strata is being used on the desk, the front panel could also serve as a magnetic board. It has four anti-slip feet, too.


The Float magazine rack from J-Me, which also holds 12 magazines, makes it super easy to see what’s being stored. The users can remove one magazine without disturbing the others, which isn’t possible with many other racks.


The Sprung magazine rack from Liv’it (designed by Michael Sodeau) keeps the magazines in a stack. This reduces the visibility of the magazines, which is a significant concern—but it does allow the rack to hold a lot of them. It’s also super easy to just toss one more magazine onto the pile.


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