YOU HAVE TOO MUCH SHIT: Designer Writes Self Help Book Rallying Against Excessive Consumerism


There’s sometimes an uncomfortable paradox in the condition of the industrial designer—whilst making a living with the imagineering of consumable products, we’re also often amongst the most aware and troubled by the many problems associated with rampant consumerism.

London-based designer Chris Thomas—"educated in the depths of the recession" at Goldsmiths—has penned a short book(let) YOU HAVE TOO MUCH SHIT, part self-help book, part propaganda pamphlet, unapologetically rallying against our excessive consumerist lifestyles, apparently "the culmination of quite a few years of inner raging".


Available for download free in iBook, ePUB or PDF—and also available to buy physically if you can handle the irony— Chris’s book offers a range of practical anti-consumerism advice from first defining "shit" to then outlining lists of "shit" you probably don’t need in your life to the final chapter on "Now You Know You Have Too Much Shit, Here’s How To Get Rid of It".


via Core77

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