Peter Bradshaw’s top 50 films of the demi-decade

We are now midway through the 2010s. So what trends are emerging in cinema? Peter Bradshaw takes a look – and picks his top 50 films of the demi-decade

As far as actors are concerned, the first five years of the 2010s proved that you can’t make it big unless you’re prepared to get into the Lycra and stride around in front of the greenscreen. This has been the demi-decade of the superhero, coming alongside genres like sci-fi and fantasy. Perhaps it’s surprising that it didn’t happen long ago and that, until very recently, only three or four A-list superheroes were being consistently reinvented in franchise properties. Now there are dozens, with the Marvel stable a powerhouse of profitable movies.

In the past five years, we have also seen the emergence of a recognisable new genre, young adult, drawn from colossal multi-volume bestsellers targeted at teens: these fanbases are formidably loyal, intelligent, opinionated, with a sense of self and identity; the product driven by social media. The authors reach out to the fans through Twitter; the fans amass considerable followings of their own; they go on fan-fiction sites, self-publish and some become players themselves. And the movie studios have to react like lightning to a big new product before its fans outgrow it, but they have to be careful to bring the fans along with them, with visits to Comic Con and the like. YA has assumed distinctive characteristics in stories like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent and Maze Runner: the heroes and heroines are smart, essentially celibate or pre-sexual but intensely romantic, not interested in smart-ass irony, burdened with a sense of apartness and destiny.

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