New Post-it Plus App Makes Brainstorming a Bit More Manageable

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Let’s admit: designers’ minds work in mysterious ways. As fluid as the design process claims to be, it’s most often a product of mismatched thoughts, tangential scribbles, and, in my case, Post-it Notes. However, the job of organizing those thoughts—whether for a client brief or personal sanity—causes a headache that most of us would rather avoid.

Post-it Plus, a new app from Post-it Brand, is designed to digitally catalog the brainstorming process. After covering a surface with Post-it Notes full of ideas, users snap a photo of the mess and the app visually recognizes each note. A green check mark means the Post-it Note has been recognized and captured; those not recognized can be enlarged for greater visibility.

While optical recognition is nothing new (a 3M-supported Evernote app released last year has similar recognition technology), the Post-it Plus App has organizational abilities to distinguish it as a useful tool for design teams. Captured Post-it Notes snap onto project- or topic-specific virtual whiteboards, and different users can combine their boards, allowing for team collaboration. Finished boards can be shared via text, email, and social media, or exported to PDF, Powerpoint, and Excel.


By applying grid-based whiteboards and document export capabilities, Post-it Plus accomplishes what many designers have struggled to do: make the ideation process look professional. In a field where some of the best work starts on coffee napkins or paper stuck to a wall, Post-it Plus provides a polished format to support a design decision, particularly to clients who are unfamiliar with brainstorming’s background mess. That clarity in presentation can make or break the brief—especially if your brief, like most of mine, began as a piecemeal of scrawls, asides and coffee.

Post-it Plus is a free universal iOS app. Download it here, and then get back to scribbling.


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