WPTavern: Nulis: A Free Minimalist WordPress Theme with a Unique Twist

Nulis is one of the most unique designs to land in the WordPress Themes Directory this year. At first glance, you might think the theme is rather plain. The screenshot on the theme’s description page doesn’t indicate anything interesting going on under the hood, but something about it intrigued me enough to put it up on a test site.


Nulis includes several options built into the native customizer for adding your own header image, background, a custom logo, the ability to change the header text color, and more. Once customized, the theme looks quite a bit less plain than its screenshot.


The icon on the top right spins when clicked and fades in a search bar. The icon at the top left of the theme also spins and opens a hidden panel with your logo, bio, navigation menu, social links, and any custom widgets you wish to add. Everything included in the hidden panel can be added via the customizer.


Nulis is the Javanese word for ‘writing,’ and the theme does an excellent job of highlighting your content, especially if you are fond of post formats. Each post format has its own unique styling to set it apart from the others. The one-column theme surrounds your content with ample white space and showcases large, full-width featured images. The theme is also responsive and looks fantastic on mobile devices.


Check out the live demo to see the theme in action, and make sure to try the interactive icons at the top while you’re there. It’s a fun addition for toggling the hidden panel and search box.

Nulis was created by web developer Denny Kuswantoro. It’s his first submission to the themes directory and his account will be one to watch in the future. You can download Nulis from WordPress.org or install it on your site via the admin themes browser.

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