Tweet from ldnhal

  • America’s shale oil boom is breaking OPEC’s neck:
  • Spying fears mount on political leaders in Norway (false base stations near parliament++) /cc
  • Spying fears mount on political leaders in Norway.
  • Hopefully politicians are not daft enough to think mobile communications are secure. Bet Met/MI5 are/will belooking for alien IMSI catchers.
  • Spy story was top of news cycle back in the old country today. Norway’s Secret Services in hot water, since it’s their job to protect gov.
  • “Who is Spying on Norway?” Network of false mobile phone base stations around Gov sites /cc
  • Revenge of the potbellies.
  • Well home from PiL pilgrimage at 02. Best Xmas party ever. 2 hours in the presence of quite a funky Public Image Ltd.
  • Keeping his nose clean, all over the stage #PiL #AngerIsAnEnergy

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