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  • and second: Dorset man cut up father and used boxed-up [plastic boxes] body parts as TV stand via
  • Guardian with a couple of bloody stories, first the uncensored Grimm stories via , then
  • Half of the contents in M&S’s beetroot crips are sugar. Natural sugar content in beetroot 7%. “Deliciously healthy”?

MP3 At 3PM: Cariad Harmon

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NYC-based singer/songwriter Cariad Harmon just released her self-titled sophomore album yesterday. “Every Time,” a folky tune off the new LP with a jubilant feel and definite country twang, is apparently about the difficulty of dating in the Big Apple. It’s an interesting theme and can let the listener connect to the song in a more meaningful way. Download the […]

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Lovely new passport design among Norwegian studio Neue’s top portfolio

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