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  • Could just be coincidence, but do you know if Michael Young named his PXR-5 watch after the Hawkwind album/tune?
  • PXR-5 (brushed/blue) | Designer Watches | Dezeen Watch Store http://t.co/2HMfB26flA via MY next watch (£85, clearly show the time)
  • PXR5 - Hawkwind. Not the “coolest” Hawkwind period, but I love the “PXR5” and “Quark, Strangeness & Charm” albums. … http://t.co/nXicsAtnZx
  • Apple Watch: designers give their verdicts [not very good] http://t.co/zr4QcieM2N via
  • ‘Happiness by Design’/Dolan vs ‘Sapiens’/Harari. That’s from Books reviews, both books added to my ever-growing Amz wishlist
  • “He [Dolan] argues that happiness is the aim of human existence” vs humans “the most destructive species everto plague the planet” [Harari].
  • http://t.co/UO4bDQ7Ham via Kate Bush setlist is unchanged still. That six-song intro was and is just wonderful.
  • England sent their peace envoys to Scotland today. Only Tony Blair was missing, topping up his tan in Kazakhstan? (free lyrics right there)
  • #nowplaying ♫ Kate Bush - Before the Dawn setlist acecast http://t.co/3g94nlBdK9
  • The Apple Watch isn’t [even] waterproof http://t.co/OcK2ZLh4Pv Never mind swimming, you can’t even SHOWER with this “fitness” device

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Daily Digest for September 10th

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The Eyefi Mobi

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