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  • Think this was in the “You are the ref” section in the Times the other week. See here -
  • Goal or no goal? No goal should be given as the ball is deflected back into the field of play by the goalie, not having touched any posts.
  • There’s a (doctored?) YouTube video doing the rounds of Netherlands’s first pen. Goalie saves. Ball bounces out and rolls back in goal.
  • Files on UK role in CIA rendition accidentally destroyed, says minister via “smacks of cover-up”. Of course
  • Brian Glanville has the order as Pele, Di Stefano, Maradona (Messi not there yet, at least in 2012). And he’s seen them all. Sunday awaits.
  • and Brazil almost matches Germany? Shots: 18-14. On target: 8-10. Corners: 7-5. Possession: 47%-53% (BRA - GER)
  • Shots: 18-14. On target: 8-10. Corners: 7-5. Possesion: 47%-53%. Looks like a close game? That’s BRA vs GER (Score 1-7). Careful with stats.
  • yes. You should be reading .
  • Maradona would have taken a game like that by the scruff of the neck. That’s the difference between Messi and him. Diego still the king.
  • You know it’s a boring game when the most exciting event is the Dutch not being able to bring on their reserve goalie for penalty shootout.
  • ANALYSIS Dutch courage runs dry in shootout: on #NED 0-0p #ARG (by ) http:/…

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