Tweet from ldnhal

  • Who are playing , Netherlands or Holland? Even your graphics team does not know. HOL _and_ NED on screen.
  • “A politician is a person who is so thick-skinned that he can stand up without a spine”. Finn Gustavsen.
  • Free band name: The Drone Bones.
  • Looks like an extra-time game. ARG 1 - NED 0 AET?
  • down?
  • Among female Chinese fans Mesut #Ozil is seen as being something of a sex symbol! #AFC
  • and - Miroslav Klose was in German team losing 5-1 to England in 2001. What a comeback.
  • 2001 - Miroslav Klose has not played in the World Cup finals yet. Part of team losing 5-1 to England in WC qualifier. And here we are …

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