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  • nostalgia follicular
  • Miroslav Klose was in the Germany team that lost 5-1 vs England in WC qualifier 2001. So he has some idea on how the Brazilian team feel.
  • BBC now has BRA 1 - GER 7 (seven) on screen. The German score spelled out, just in case you have just tuned in and don’t trust your eyesight
  • For those who never tire of utter humiliation on live TV, switch straight from BBC1 to BBC2 to see Harriet Harman on Newsn…
  • Hard to believe what we have just witnessed. BRA 1 - GER 7.
  • That will calm some nerves. BRA 1 - GER 7.
  • What a beauty from Schürrle. GER 7 - BRA 0.
  • Germany Kroos-ing [enough already. Ed].
  • Schurle that’s enough? GER 6 - BRA 0.
  • Don’t cry yet Argentina. The Dutch are not capable of this sort of damage.
  • Blitzkrieg Bop might be more appropriate?
  • Germans letting Neuer get some practice.
  • 2-2 in the second half?
  • Shock and awe over? Germany can put on some of their reserves late on in second half.
  • #Brasil2014 Cristo de Corcovado en este instante
  • what about Cristo Redentor? Concrete.
  • Juninho in shock. As white as his polo shirt.
  • #BRA 0-5 #GER Kroos also outstanding in first half: 2 goals, 1 assist, 35/37 passes. Flawless http://…
  • Brazil need that Cristo Redentor (statue in Rio) to come on in the second half.
  • Germany has not scored in a while.
  • If only the Germans had a word for taking pleasure in others’ misfortune…
  • Alan Hansen preparing his SCHHockings for half-time.
  • At 1-0 I said this could END 5-0. But could not imagine 5-0 after 35 min.
  • Floodlight failure coming?
  • GER 5 - BRA 0. A spanking session with Germany as Miss Whiplash.
  • The prancing emperor is stripped naked. GER 4 - BRA 0. #fifa2014 #bbcworldcup
  • You are kidding me.
    GER 4 - BRA 0.
  • Blitzkrieg Bop. Germany 3 - Brazil 0.
    Germans are having a play day.

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