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  • Don’t miss Heavenly Creatures today on BBC Two (002), BBC Two HD (102) at 23:35 movies #tv ,
  • On Krul’s gamesmanship: A goalkeeper should not be allowed to go outside the goal area (six-yard/five-meter box) during penalty shootouts.
  • Top on Norwegian TV-news tonight. Stang, Mayor of Oslo (CON) will write a letter to Obama asking for rethink. Highly unusual.
  • Norwegians Angry over US Ambassador nominee

    Maybe the Norwegians will accept a far more experienced Ambassador,… http:…

  • Oxford Street and Regent Street should be shut for all vehicles daytime, apart from electrical ones.
  • ““Oxford Street is full of buses and black cabs, diesel-powered. It’s a quirk of modern diesels that they produce more NO2 than in the past”
  • Oxford Street worst in world for diesel pollution
  • Cabaret Voltaire to play live show for first time in 20 years - Louder Than War
  • Novak Djokovic beats Roger Federer 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 5-7, 6-4, to win second Wimbledon title
  • Well done Djokovich.
  • Admiring Federer’s resilience. 5-2 down in 4th set, Djokovich just the one game away from Wimbledon title and Federer takes 5 games in a row

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