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  • Respect to #CRC. They played #URU, #ITA, #ENG, #GRE and #NED, conceding only once from open play in 510 minutes - and that w…
  • “”Either we defend our freedom and change our policies, or we become digitally hypnotised subjects of a digital rulership”.
  • From Google to Amazon: EU goes to war against power of US digital giants via
  • And a scare the Netherlands got. Classic Europe vs South America semi-finals coming up.
  • Got to say the Dutch deserved that. In the end it was not about luck; but good management, good goalkeeping, good spot kicks. #bbcworldcup
  • CRC 0 - NED 0 after 120 min. Penalties. Fear this might be the end of Costa Rica’s luck.
  • So let’s hope Costa Rica can give Netherlands a scare. Need to keep it clean for the first 15m. NED 0 - CRC 0.
  • Hoping Belgium and Costa Rica can at least give Argentina and Netherlands something to think about. A shock would be most welcome #FIFA2014
  • Not one Peter Gabriel album in Spotify. No need, I’ll just jump in on G in the crate to Peter Gabriel II (my fav Gabriel solo album).
  • peter gabriel mother of violence rare live 1978: via
  • The Men Who Made Us Spend E02 - BBC2 “how fear has a powerful hold over our behaviours” Drugs, water, an Arnie cameo

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