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  • Facebook, Google and the little people: me on #FacebookExperiment, Europe v Facebook, and https://…
  • so Fred might have to pick up the art of running …
  • If I were Labour or LibDem strategist this is where I would hit Cons hard. Paramedics vs the taxavoiders: the super rich&Google/Amazon/Apple
  • BBC News - Paramedics leaving London treble Depressing, paramedics can no longer afford to live here.
  • Modelled on My Little Pony?
  • Dear ITV commentators, not the “most gripping game” at all, that prize with BEL 2 - USA 1. By a big margin. This was just frustrating.
  • It’s getting harder to tell what’s a real Silicon Valley startup and what’s a parody.
  • I used to like Brazil, now I’m hoping the Germans can stop this Brazilian lot. ITV’s “Brazil” tune getting annoying.
  • James Rodriguez getting the Diego Maradona treatment.
  • Brace yourself for an all-American USA-style from Colombia. Underdogs vs show-ponies.
  • Even this ref could not miss that penalty. BRA 2 - COL 1. James kept his cool.
  • Anybody else feel not the slightest pleasure in Brazil’s inevitable, dubious road to winning this World Cup
  • There we are, long-range free kick. Luiz. BRA 2 - CHI 0. Ref - time to cash the cheque from Sepp. Now where is that red card?
  • Ref got his GPS out, found his yellow card. #itvworldcup
  • A scrap of a bullfight, a free kick every 20 secs. Game detorriated, couple of yellow cards needed. NeyMar little pony falls over.
  • Ref has lost control AND eyesight.
  • On every contact a player falls over, over every referee’s decision Brazilian manager and player protest like petulant, spoilt brats. Awful.
  • Neymar swapped shirts with James (?) at half-time. Surely it’s not game over. BRA 1 - COL 0. #itvworldcup #FifaWorldCup
  • What happened to FRA in the earlier game? I know it was hot, but that was a poor show after what they showed earlier.
  • Protecting the posts on corners gone out of fashion? COL not protecting both posts on corners for the goal, neither were BRA on that one.
  • Poor defending let’s Silva’s knee in. BRA 1 - COL 0. #FifaWorldCup #itvworldcup
  • Whatever happened to long-range free kicks?
  • Always with the underdog when I don’t really care who wins (and there’s been no reason to fawn over Brazil since the 80s). Go Colombia.
  • Thomas Larsen Roed’s ‘Linjen,’ a Proposal for a High-Speed Rail Line to Connect Oslo and Copenhagen via
  • 3 countries, 4 metropolitan cities, including 2 capitals; The Scandinavian 8 Million City (
  • Venstre frykter Norge blir parkert av svenske lyntog (Norwegian) Norway left on platform by hi-speed Sweden/Denmark?
  • - Steve Jobs tok jobbene våre (in Norwegian). Did Steve Jobs/Apple strangle Finland’s (~Nokia’s) economy?
  • Brazilian officials warn of ‘imminent’ death of uncontacted Indians #DarkSideOfBrazil via illegal loggers
  • We heard you like CC-licensed photos, so here’s one hundred million of them:
  • “There are all these terrible Jean Michel Basquiat drawings being sold”.
    Yes - and most of them are real. Basquiat -> basket
  • The great online art illusion: A cautionary tale
  • Disappointing and quite lethargic from France. Germany not pushed. Lazy game overall. GER 1 - FRA 0. #FIFA2014
  • Camden Crawl founder says festival has gone into liquidation via
  • Magnetic connector “helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time”. Weak point is at the other end of the cable though.
  • Get digi with it: why digital artists are breaking into the mainstream
  • The world’s least sold 12” - The Brittania Ruler by luxury firm Asprey, yours for a princely £1600
  • The world’s best selling 12” - Blue Monday/New Order, yours for 99p in the iTunes store.
  • I look at artists like a commodity balance sheet: art dealer Olyvia Kwok on picking paintings,being sued by Sotheby’s
  • The Honourable Woman E01 “The Empty Chair” - BBC Two Excellent start, excellent casting.
  • #nowplaying ♫ Colour Green – Sibylle Baier
  • Cult music heroes: artists on their unsung idols via Sybille Baier via Warpaint makes it worth the read.

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