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  • just like social media has been around since the 80s, computer arts have been around since the 60s.
  • I love this artists’ response to Google’s DevArt competition/exhibition:
  • Phoebus lightbulb cartel:important step in history of global economy … engaged in large-scale planned obsolescence
  • AutoCAD, Swatch, credit cards and you got to like a programme that references Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead”.
  • The Men Who Made Us Spend E01 - BBC Two planned obsoleteness from lightbulbs to iPhones, invention of think-thanks,
  • John McPhee’s “Levels of the Game” A classic of tennis writing via Added to ever-growing read-later list.
  • Bentham (wikipedia): advocated individual & economic freedom, separation of church and state, freedom of expression
  • and “I guess I’m pretty mercenary. Just bring ‘em on and I’ll defend them. It makes you a better lawyer”. William Kelley
  • “A criminal lawyer who refuses a murder case, no matter how gruesome, shouldn’t be practising law. Simple as that” Laurence Lee
  • Defending the indefensible? Lawyers on representing clients accused of nightmarish crimes via
  • Explainer: why has a century-old deal between Britain and France got ISIS jihadis excited? via

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