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  • classic - “I suggest you drop your anchor before you drop your pants”
  • Two games, nine goals and a little bit of excitement on the end there. What more could you want? Full time: CAM 1 - BRA 4, CRO 1 - MEX 3.
  • Mexico let the wrong one in. MEX 3 - CRO 1. So it’s MEX - HOL next round. Should be good.
  • One more for Mexico and they will top group and avoid Holland. MEX 3 - CRO 0.
  • Game and World Cup over for Croatia. MEX 2 - CRO 0.
  • Where’s the video ref? CRO 0 - MEX 0.
  • How to Disappear (almost) Completely: the illusion of privacy via
  • Insane Record Collections and the People Who Own Them, via…

  • Hopefully there are systems&sensors in each lockers in place to avoid stowaway packets of the dangerous kind.
  • Are lockers at train stations not an obvious terrorist threat? I mean get package delivered and leave some other “package” in the locker?
  • It’s a Doddle: Amazon inks train station parcel deal with Network Rail via
  • Just had to hear what all that C&W mess was about. #nowplaying ♫ Drink A Beer – Luke Bryan
  • Fjords cannot describe how I feel.
  • “… assault, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and other infractions …at least 15 fights” that’s a C&W gig, not a rave
  • and they thought punk rock was dangerous …
  • For the second time in a year, country fans trashed Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field, leading to arrests & piles of garbage: ht…
  • Coca-Cola Great Britain Announces The Launch Of Coca-Cola Life™ Finally in the UK, stevia sweetened, green label
  • All those sit-ups and ab-crunches paid off for Dempsey tonight.
  • Narrow win to either USA or Germany will probably put both teams through anyhow … First goal to USA and GHA/POR are out?
  • With all this talk about a USA - Germany draw I predict a Ghana-Portugal draw and a winner in the USA - GER game.
  • Half of the World Cup games now played. My better half will be pleased.
  • Wanchope thrilled with Costa Rica’s defence | FourFourTwo via
  • No shame in playing for a draw, it is what England should have done vs Italy and Uruguay. Last game would then have had significance.
  • So most likely USA and Germany will qualify, but we’ll see.
  • Both Ghana and Portugal have to go for it big time. Germany are in effect already through and may field a weakened team, USA will not do so.
  • another scenario, USA beat Germany by 1 goal - then Ghana need the 4 goal win.GER then +3GD, Ghana +3, USA +2.
  • Goal difference, then number of goals, then score head-to-head (hence US will be ahead of Ghana if same GD) #fifa2014
  • Ghana vs Portugal is going to be one hell of a game. IF GER 1 - USA 0, then Portugal need 4 goal win, Ghana 2 goal win (as they lost to USA)
  • Bradley in the Gerrard role at the end. Lack of concentration costs US in the last few seconds. Drama. USA 2 - POR 2.
    #fifa2014 #bbcworldcup

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