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  • #USA #USA #USA
  • Love the way the USA never give up and their positive approach. #fifa2014
  • Stomach goal! Dempsey. USA 2 - POR 1. USA on the verge of qualifying with game to spare in a group with Germany, Portugal. Awesome #fifa2014
  • Is it possible to be in love with a football tournament?
  • Brilliant goal Jones. USA 1 - POR 1.
  • Too many foreign players playing in England? Rather too many English players not playing abroad.
  • 22 of 23 English players play in England, 1 in Scotland. What does that tell you about supposed “best league in the world”? #bbcworldcup
  • Definitely no added time for drinks then. Weird rule. SuperSaver there, not from Tesco - but from Tim Howard. #fifa2014
  • Clock not stopped for a drink break late that? Ridiculous. #bbcworldcup #fifa2014
  • Another two minutes there.
  • That’s around two minutes of added time right there.
  • Lovely footwork from Ronaldo, then a shocker of an attempt to clearance and Portugal are 1-0 up. USA 0 - POR 1. #fifa2014 #bbcworldcup
  • Clearly a push in back there, but penalty not given to South Korea. Where’s the video ref?
    Deserved 4-2 victory to Algeria though #fifa2014
  • Time for official match clock&time keeper in football. Won’t slow the game down; it will speed it up when players are down with “injuries”.
  • Another Ice Hockey score on the go. SKO 2 - ALG 4.
  • Another “Route One” goal. ALG 3 - SKO 1.
  • No (or long version - seem unlikely now with South Korea 3-0 down).
  • Game over. ALG 3 - SKO 0. Thought this might be a tight game. Not so. #itvworldcup #fifa2014
  • Killer two minutes for Algeria. ALG 2 - SKO 0. Must-win game for Algeria and they look like they will,
  • ALG 1 - SKO 0. Deservedly so.
  • get Jonathan Ive on board?
  • A game of Hazard for the last 10. Great assist to Origi. BEL 1 - RUS 0. #bbcworldcup #FifaWorldCup
  • I love to love - Bjork (1976)

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