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  • Great goal Ghana. One all, all set up for an exciting last 7-8 minutes.
    GHA 1 - USA 1.
  • On evidence of the first fifteen minutes of this game I think Germany will struggle more against Ghana and USA than they did vs Portugal.
  • 1’ #GHA 0-1 #USA Dempsey gives the USA an early lead thanks to some nifty footwork an d a tidy finish
  • It already is. What a start for the USA. 1-0.
  • Fotball VM Brasil 2014: Tippeligaspillere i Brasil VM The 6 players in #fifa2014 who plays their football in Norway
  • This has the potential to be a more muscular and exciting game. Ghana vs USA. A Norwegian-based player in each of the squads. #fifa2014
  • Must admit I only watched the second half of IRN vs NGR 0-0 draw. Does not look like I missed much, Nigeria were poor. #fifa2014
  • ITV spending far too much time on discussing that red card. They are at it again. Move on pls.
  • Germans phoning in that second half. GER 4 - POR 0.
  • As a one time connoisseur of the dark arts of madness, in my expert opinion, that from Pepe, was supreme, world class madn…
  • GER 3 - POR 0 after 45 min. Game over already. Think GHA and USA will be tougher for the Germans to beat. #FIFA2014
  • Now we’ve asked Tony Blair what to do with the Middle-East, let’s ask Gary Glitter what we should have done about Jimmy Sa…
  • might have been what the kids were playing last night down the rave near East Croydon station.
  • a fourth advert: bearded ref sprays pitch w foam, puts whistle back in the can holder by mistake, sprays foam on chin.
  • Yellow day-glo football boots against the green grass on a summer afternoon; fireflies.
    There’s a potential haiku in there, work on it later
  • Cows probably sick of the sound of their bells? So cobwells to cowbells.
  • IVC 2 - JPN 1. Two goals in 1m38s for IVC. Japanese team less exciting than in previous world cups. #FIFA2014

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