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  • via The Times paper - Jamaica legalises its favourite herb (The Times, subscription).
  • Bill approved to relax ganja possession penalties - News - via
  • So thats URU 1 - CRC 3. Now for a quick round of the newspapers before sitting down for ITA - ENG.
  • Good second half that. Costa Rica fielding 2 Norwegian based players and a 3rd (Bolaños) who used to played in the Norwegian league.
  • Not the most exciting first half of football that. Uruguay 1 - Costa Rica 0.
  • Norwegian commentators pointing out that Costa Rica finished 7 points ahead of Mexico in the qualifiers. So no pushover. #FIFA2014
  • Infinite Sunset by - A digital replacement for act of watching the sun set via Digital Art 3
  • LA Kings take it. Gotta feel sorry for NY Rangers losing three games in overtime. #stanleycup
  • Shaving not a big thing in the NHL.
  • Late night. Watching Rangers vs Kings in the Stanley Cup. Norwegian interest for the first time ever (Zuccarello).

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