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  • No need to clamp a magnetic tracker underneath your car Breaking Bad style, it will already be fitted. Can eCall be used to stop a car?
  • All new cars sold in the EU from 2015 will be fitted with an electronic “eCall” tracker for police to track you.
  • Watching EHF men’s team handball final. France hammering the Danes with some tivoli-handball, 34-25 with just 11 minutes to go.
  • Cyber attack that sent 750k malicious emails traced to hacked refrigerator (cmts…
  • First gig of the year booked: A Certain Ratio.
  • with a feature on privacy and art featuring (look up CV Dazzle, seems a cousin of works by Jane&Louise Wilson).
  • Indeed. I went the conventional way: Bowie/Roxy -> Eno -> Budd (and the likes of Popul Vuh)
  • Excellent piece from Oliver Kay on UEFA’s unworkable “fair play policy”: Ajax, Benfica, Celtic turned into “second-class citizens”.
  • Rigged ABC A) those tech wages B) Germany’s “Car of the year contest” and C) PSG’s annual commercial revenue (increased 7-fold in two years)
  • mindfulness being a core part of Buddism. The concept is ancient, just like HIIT is old and Stan Smith’s even older: all selling papers.
  • The Times reporting “already there are dozens of books, apps …” on mindfulness. Bollocks to that, there must be hundreds of books …
  • How Google, Apple, Adobe CEOs conspired to rob a 100,000 hi tech workers wages More:…
  • “the best radio play ever written”? - showing my ignorance here . YouTube seems to have audio.
  • 1954 first radio broadcast, 1963 full audio broadcast and 1972 a Burton/Taylor movie.
  • The only “Starless and Bible Black” I knew about until tonight was from King Crimson’s brilliant “Red” album.
  • I didn’t know until 10 minutes ago, BBC News playing recording of Richard Burton delivering the phrase from a 60s radio play.
  • ‘“Starless and Bible Black” is a quotation from first 2 lines of poet Dylan Thomas’s play, Under Milk Wood’

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