Poker Finances as 04 October 2010.

Second update of the year. Five competitions entered after the holidays, all with negative results.

£200+15 Pot-Limit Omaha event at The International is the one where I feel I should have done a lot better. Tiredness and a late running Northern Line meant that I was in a funny mood though, so I ended 10th after holding the chip lead early on (£T35K when average was T10K) . Winning a three-way pot with TTQK on a 29T flop vs Miriam with a wrap and player in front of me with 22xx. A short while later I knocked out a player flopping a set with AA in my hand. One very bad bluff against a good player and then some bad plays later on meant I could not cash in this one. On a normal day (not squandering the chip lead) I should have been in top 5. Mistakes I made on the night: not betting my draws strongly enough (leading to compounded errors), not calling with second nuts when pot odds and stack sizes said I should, trusting TfL on a Friday night. I knocked out two pros though, one of them being the impatient/patient Jac Arama. Impatient because he got very busy when he finally arrived, patient because when Jac went short stacked he proceeded very carefully (not calling post-flop in spots where others think they might “have to call”). So -£215 it would have been where it not for the fact that Mat and me had swapped 10%. He ended up winning it, making me £239; so I ended up with a 24 quid profit on the night.

9 Sep: WSOPE NLHE Sat for £100. Uneventful, card dead night. Also been twice to the new Fox Poker Club and dumped £90 total.

18 Sep: EPT satellite at The Vic. Trying to get a ticket for the £500 EPT Pot-Limit Omaha by playing a NLHE satellite did not work out. The Vic used to run PLO satellites with as many as 30-40 runners and in the past I have used these to get entry to £500 and £1000 PLO tournaments (made day two and final two tables in 2008 £1K PLO, so I’ve been close to smelling big-time success once). So another hit, this time for £96.

Online? Nothing to report, apart from that I had a few FPPs on Pokerstars and managed to bring them into a $3 win, which I used to enter a comp. Cashed in that, brought my bankroll to $100 and squandered it all in stupid late night sessions as normal. My account is closed and I’m not playing online any more (I spend enough time in front of a screen during the day and much prefer live poker).

I’ll be found at the Fox for the next few Wednesdays, their £50 Round-of-Each NLHE/PLO should be my kind of tournament. We’ll see.

As of Monday 4 October 2010.

  • Live Tournaments. Winnings: +£1430 Entrance fees: -£1205 Tips: -£40. Overall: +£185
  • Live Cash. £0
  • Online. Cashouts:£0. Deposits: £75. Overall: -£75
  • Percentage swaps: +£239
  • Bottom line: +£349

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