Tweets for 2010-01-07

  • The King at 19. Spotify: Elvis Presley – That's All Right Mama (Hayride 1954) #
  • On bus 38 thinking large chunks of Central London has become very tatty.
    Piccadilly Circus and Centerpoint end of Oxford St is depressive. #
  • So long, long tail. . Guardian:
    "The top 10% of artists are now responsible for 90% of all music sales." #
  • Spotify Resources on Pansentient League: 4 new resources for 2010! /via @afront

    Including URL-shortener. #

  • BLIZZARD: "Snow with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of 1/4 mile or less, for an extended period of time (eg. > 3 hours)." #
  • - Closing schools and having a pint, what Brits do when there's a bit of snow #
  • Add the food chain EAT to the "H&M" outrage list: "emptying yoghurt over salads and sandwiches to make them inedible". #
  • Bursting Out, to go with Live&Dangerous Spotify: Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath (Live) #
  • Spotify:Jethro Tull–Skating Away #nowplaying #
  • This to see speed skating in the UK over 160 years ago. Nice little read that wiki page on skating away on the thin ice of a new day. #
  • winter of 1854/55 was exceptionally cold … number of persons present was stated at from five to eight thousand, and some said ten thousand #
  • I take some of that back: fen skating on the Beeb Snow24 just now with wonderful winter nostalgia. #
  • In Britain a "blizzard" is a breeze with some snow, back home in Norway it's a storm with tons of snow. Pathetic. #

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