Tweets for 2009-12-15

  • Couple of midweek pints with another ex-QXL guy. The often used route of White Horse and Shashton Arms. #
  • - Celebrity Twitter directory anyone? Spotted at WH Smith #
  • Bad day:spilled milk all over breakfast, then jammed at Victoria line, having to go back to Pimlico just to get on Now in Post Office queue. #
  • Boris Johnson! TfL! Bus, train, tube and tram drivers!
    Listen up!
    There might be snow on Friday.
    This is NOT an excuse to close down London. #
  • - Is this where rock band Let's Wrestle got their name? #
  • Some Simon godfather-svengali-type is running a show called The X-farter?
    Progress or regress, let's hope the next ten are better. #

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