Tweets for 2009-12-14

  • How to get mono on iPhone/iPod Touch: Settings/General/Accessibility.
    Useful when you have one external speaker. #
  • There is nothing wrong with using found objects in art.
    Didn't watch whole series, so no idea who was annoying or not. #schoolofsaatchi #
  • "Fuckin' hell reaction to winning #schoolofsaatchi" @ArtCasual

    Just got last episode, but the tree-on-metalfence was fresh. Right winner. #

  • Never liked Coldplay,but I do like them selling off old kit for Kids Company,bless #
  • - Segway observed at Picadilly, watch out! #
  • The Burlington Arcade really is full of opulent ridiculousness. #
  • Ding takes the ming? enough of #snooker for tonight, off to check those new train times. #
  • Ding pots the red #snooker and that's it. Ding the winner. #
  • Higgins hiding the red again #snooker. #
  • Higgins fighting now, one red left #snooker. Ding 75-31 #
  • Ding looking good, potting black then red in #snooker. 33-27 Ding. #

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